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Young Dreams join Modular

by Webmaster, 11.11.2011

Norwegian act Young Dreams signs with Australian label Modular Records.

The Norwegian collective, headed up by composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Matias Tellez, gained notice in November 2010, after three songs they uploaded to their Facebook page were picked up on by international music press. Festival appearances followed (By:Larm, Hove Festival, Camden Crawl), and a beautifully shot, faintly unsettling video by Scandinavian director Kristoffer Borgli, which helped cement the band as one to watch.

Now they have signed with successful Australian label Modular Records, which also represents acts such as Cut Copy, The Avalanches and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The band has been on Modular's radar after a performance at Camden Crawl, which was supported by Music Export Norway. Young Dreams also performed at Ja Ja Ja, which among other things resulted in a feature in Record of the Day.

Young Dreams manager Maren Eline Skaskiewicz is very excited about the signing.

- The fact that Young Dreams were chosen picked for Ja Ja Ja was definitely a door-opener to the International market. The promo work was great and lots of people from the UK industry were present at the show. Young Dreams were also picked by Record of the Day as a result of the showcase. Also, our official showcase at at Camden Crawl proved valuable. The travel support and backing from Music Export Norway at these two events turned out to be decisive in the investment phase, she says.

- It’s been very exciting follow the interest and growing momentum around Young Dreams. The music has obviously turned quite a few heads in itself, but it’s also been great to see how active Made and their manager, Maren Eline Skaskiewicz, have been in the process, comments Jonas Vebner of Music Export Norway's UK office.

In Scandinavia, the album will be released by Tellé Records. 

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