WOMEX 2011: A world of Music

by Webmaster, 25.11.2011

This year, 17 companies and 38 delegates and 2 artists took part in the Norwegian delegation at Womex.

This year, Womex took place in Copenhagen for the third and last time, before moving to Thessaloniki, Greece.  And as the previous years, the Nordic countries joined forces with a lagre Nordic Stand area as well as a Nordic showcase club in the evenings.

Among the Norwegian delegates, there were record labels, booking agencies, managements and artists, and the stand generated a lot of interest from visitors from all around the world. Some came by just to ask questions about Norwegian music, while others wanted to arrange meetings with Norwegian delegates.

The Nordic Lunch was a hit, with native food from the Nordic countries being served.

A few words from two delegates:

”Very good Womex for me! I found the Nordic stand to be a good platform to give out information about our concerts.”
Brynjar Bjerkem - TrAP.

”I experienced Womex as instructive and important place for my artist to attend.”
– Kari Helene Skog, Manager for Ragnhild Furebotten – Skog Management.

Nordic Club

After great feedback from 2009 and 2010, Womex once again arranged a Nordic Club. The Womex stage featured two showcases from each of the Nordic countries, spread out over the showcase nights. The Norwegian showcases took place on Friday and Saturday, with Ragnhild Furebotten on Friday and Farmers Market on Saturday. Both showcases went very well and attracted big crowds and interest both before and after the concerts.

Sápmi artist of the year

During Womex, Sápmi Music, who work both nationally and internationally with promoting Sami music, invited delegates and press to an informal announcement of Sápmi Artist of the Year 2012. This year, Niko Valkeapää received the award, and the artist performed during the event, as did Elin Kåven.

Sápmi Artist of the Year will receive 250.000 NOK, in addition to a substantial network access and administrative aid. Previous winners are Johan Sara Jr Group, Adjagas and Elin Kåven.

(Photos: Andreas Fliflet)

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