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UK office reviewed

by Webmaster, 07.09.2011

MEN's UK office receives a great evaluation.

In May 2008 Music Export Norway (MEN) opened its office in London. The purpose of the office would be to coordinate activities in the UK, as well as being a link between the Norwegian and British music industry.

In 2010, the Board of Music Export Norway decided that the company's London office, which was initially a pilot project, should continue its operation. The decision was based on an internal evaluation, as well as positive feedback from the industry.

The Board still wanted to order an external evaluation, which as been conducted by the British consultancy Music Ally. The final report is now available, and is largely based on focus groups, individual interviews and a comprehensive survey carried out by Norwegian exporters.

Here are some of the most important findings:

- The evaluation concludes with a very positive impression of the work carried out by the London office.

- In the face of tough market conditions the Norwegian Music Industry is making solid headway in the UK.

- The credibility of the Norwegian music industry has strengthened.

- 75% of respondents reported that the office has saved them money.

- Club concept Ja Ja Ja and MEN's Business Development Program was highlighted as particularly successful projects.

- The report confirms that the United Kingdom serves as an entrance point to other territories, and that an investment here will yield far beyond the UK market because of its influential position in the global music industry.

- The office can improve its services in several areas, including logistical assistance (hotel deals, backline deals, etc.), genre-specific databases, export statistics and communicating the extent of the services provided.

The office currently consists of head of office Jonas Vebner, who also spends 20 % of his time with MEN's new Berlin office, Nina Finnerud, who has a 20% position and an intern. Vebner appreciates the feedback.

- The positive feedback that emerges from the report is of course very inspiring reading. We will be responsive to the constructive criticism, and maintain a good dialogue with the industry, comments Vebner, and points out that a major contributing factor to the success of the office is the Norwegian and British industry's willingness to share experience and network .

The evaluation will form an important basis for the newly opened Berlin office, which covers activity in the GSA territory (Germany, Switzerland, Austria).

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