By:Larm, February 16-18

Synch Focus, Part two

by Webmaster, 19.12.2011

Music Export Norway and by:Larm present part two of the international sync focus.

Music Export Norway and by:Larm are in 2012 following up the sync focus arranged at by:Larm in Oslo, February this year.

Part two of the sync focus will include seminars and B2B networking sessions, which will be arranged for the by:Larm delegates. Among the confirmed international guest are music supervisors such as Thomas Golubic (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), Chris Mollere (The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars), Chris Douridas (Megamind, Monstrers vs Aliens), Richard Glasser (Scream 4, My Week With Marilyn), Pia Hoffman (Soul Kitchen, Jørgen + Anne = Sant), Johan Borg (H&M, Dressmann), Jesper Gadeberg (Volvo, Coca Cola) and Macke Bergkvist (Ikea, Mitsubishi).

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(Photo from the 2011 edition of the synch focus)

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