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Summing up by:larm 2012

by Webmaster, 21.03.2012

Music Export Norway and by:Larm arranged a special synch focus program for the second time during the by:Larm festival and conference.

This year Music Export Norway and by:Larm arranged a special synch focus program for the second time during the by:Larm festival and conference.

16 music supervisors, including Thomas Golubic (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), Chris Mollere (The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars), Richard Glasser (Scream 4, My Week With Marilyn), Pia Hoffman (Soul Kitchen, Jørgen + Anne = Sant), Jesper Gadeberg ( Volvo, DnB-Nor) and Rebecca Rienks (E! Entertainment/NBC Universal) joined the program together with a group of 19 Nordic labels and publishers.

The program included B2B networking sessions and seminars focusing on music supervision in the LA-region and sync/licensing in the Nordic region. In addition a match making event with Norwegian industry players, the international guests had the opportunity to catch up on Norwegian talent at the festival.

- What an amazing music conference and festival. Very well organized and worth the trip for us. Had no idea there were so much talent in Norway, says Mamie Coleman from Fox.

Rebecca Reinks from E! Entertainment / NBC Universal says:

- by:Larm 2012 was a unique, expertly curated musical experience. The wealth of talent and the quality of industry professional on tap is by far the best of any international music conference I have ever attended.

Breathtaking performance

As previous years, there were other activities during the daytime as well. Two particularly popular events were the black metal tour with the perfect guide Anders Odden and an exclusive performance by Gunnhild Sundli at the Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum. The mausoleum boasts unique acoustics, and Gunnhild Sundli's voice amazed the international participants.

- I was lucky enough to perform in the Vigeland Mausoleum during the by:larm festival in 2012. It was an absolutely amazing experience! Just incredible. The acoustics were tremendous. I have sung by waterfalls, in mines, caves and many other special places. But the experience at the mausoleum, however, was totally magical! Thank you for this opportunity, says Gunhild Sundli in a comment.  

Her manager Per Tronsaune adds:

- Outstanding! The opportunity to present the artist in such a setting, and to be part of such a happening gives chills to the soul. This was a memory for life, no less!!

Also, the Øya festival hosted an afternoon party at Hotel Comfort Xpress in cooperation with Music Export Norway. At the party artists Hanne Kolstø and Lemaitre performed in front of a packed venue, including international visitors.

The final event was the traditional death sled event, where the visitors had the chance to go sledding down the hills of Korketrekkeren.

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