Cologne, June 20-24

Several Norwegian acts at c/o pop

by Webmaster, 13.06.2012

Six acts and one DJ will represent the variety of the Norwegian music landscape at c/o Pop.

C/o pop, the international music festival based in Cologne, will take place for the 9th time on June 20-24. This year six acts and a DJ will represent the variety of the Norwegian music landscape. Live acts Einar Stray, Katzenjammer, Valkyrien Allstars, Kakkmaddafakka, Boska and Mental Overdrive are going to rock the stage in Cologne during the festival.

In addition to the artists, Norwegian Kjartan Slette from Aspiro Music (WiMP) has been invited as a guest speaker at the c/o pop Creativity and Business Convention, which is held during the same time as the festival. Slette can be heard at the ‘Streaming Services – Saviours or Devils’ –event at the Camphausen-Saal on Friday 22nd June at 3pm.

20th  June at 9:30pm:

Einar Stray will perform his melodic sounds in Festivalzentrale Studio 672.

21st June at 11:45pm:

Kakkmaddafakka will enter the stage at the Gloria Theater.

22nd June at 6:00pm:

The girls from Katzenjammer will heat up the audience with their open air concert at Tanzbrunnen with the Valkyrien Allstars as a support act.

Also Norwegian acts Boska, Mental Overdrive and DJ Charlotte Bendiks are playing at the Love OD Communications label night at Festivalzentrale Zum Scheuen Reh on Thursday 21st. Love OD will also have an exhibition during the festival.

Read more about the artists and the festival here:



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