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by Webmaster, 23.06.2011

Norwegian industry players now have the opportunity to work from London with support from Music Export Norway.

Through financial grants and practical arrangements from Music Export Norway, Norwegian industry professionals get a unique opportunity to work from London for a shorter period of time. The idea is to strengthen their international network and knowledge of the UK market.


One of the biggest barriers for the export of Norwegian music is the lack of international network. Music Export Norway facilitates networking on a variety of venues, both domestically and abroad. Nevertheless, this is usually only through shorter events, and experience shows that building up a relevant international network takes time.

A temporary relocation will provide an opportunity to focus on one of the world's major music markets. We see this as unique opportunity for Norwegian export companies to learn about new markets, build and maintain their already existing international network.

London collects over 90% of the British music industry, and the majority of headquarters and larger companies within the entire industry value chain are based here.

For more information about the project, read this article (in Norwegian).

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