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Rebekka Karijord selected by ABC

by Webmaster, 30.09.2011

Music by Norwegian artist Rebekka Karijord has been selected for drama series Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

The song Wear It Like A Crown by Norwegian artist Rebekka Karijord has been selected as music for the trailers for drama series Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice by ABC Television. Both series have a very large audience in the USA.

Rebekka Karijord herself is of course very pleased with this deal.

- It is quite remarkable to me that Wear It Like A Crown,  which was released in Scandinavia soon two years (in Europe this year) ago, now is blooming like never before, with placement in the ABC series and with swedish Cirkus Cirkör touring the world with a performance built around that same song, she says in a comment. 

She points out that the it is very difficult to get noticed in the US market, due to the size and amount of artists represented in that particular market.

- So I am of course very grateful and excited about the exposure through the ABC synch, and we have now released the album in the US.  I like the thought of an album living a long life, and I´ve always wanted to grow slowly and steady as an artist, to understand every step and stand behind the decisions considering my music. The last two years I have had Sony ATV in Stockholm as my publisher, and they have done great work with syncs and placements of my songs from my last album The Noble Art Of Letting Go, she says.

Several of the songs have been used in films, drama series and performances. She also works with Sony ATV on a day-to-day basis, since she writes music for films and theatre performances in addition to her own albums.

- My thoughts around synchs are that if it is a good product that I stand behind, I don´t see any problems with using my song. In a challenging industry climate you have to be inventive with ways to reach new audience, and in these days of blogging and downloading a good placement or synch is actually able to create a breakthrough for an artist, says Karijord.

Read more about Rebekka Karijord on her homepage.

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