Berlin, September 5-9

Ready for Berlin Music Week?

by Webmaster, 18.06.2012

Arranged in one of the most hip cities for the music business, Berlin Music Week is held again on 5th-9th September 2012.

The five-day event consists of music showcases, concerts, conferences, panels, seminars, networking opportunities and of course parties.

The Music Week’s Club Festival takes place from September 5th-8th in the city’s most established venues. The Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district with all its exciting bars, cafes and stores will act as the centre point of the whole event.

During the Music Week a new business and conference platform, Word on Sound, will be arranged. The event is a professional development and exchange forum for music protagonists and curious creatives. Consisted of smaller and more targeted events, Word on Sound will take place September 5th-7th.

If you are interested in joining BMW as a visitor, there is a summer sale until august 15th with a registration price of 148€. The Walk up price is 188€. Register at There is also a spedial offer for this discounted early-bird rate to apply to you right through to the start of the event by folloing this simple procedure:

- send an email to Agima Samson at registration(at)
- In the subject title write the country where your company is based.
- In the message body write how many accreditations are required and remember to say if it is for a Gold accreditation or a Platimum accreditation.
- You will then receive a personal registration code and a direct link to the Berlin Music Week accreditaion webpage to be able to finalise the process.

As a further incentive, Berlin Music Week will offer one FREE accreditation to the first five people that apply.

Please check the Berlin Music Week –website for more information:

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