at KOKO and The Lexington

Øya nights in London

by Webmaster, 22.03.2012

More than 1700 people visited the Øya and Music Export Norway nights in London with Razika and Young Dreams.

Øyafestivalen and Music Export Norway brought the two Norwegian acts Razika and Young Dreams to the UK to give two concerts as a taste of what Norway and the Øya festival has to offer. On the 23rd of February the Lexington was the chosen venue, and in association with the music site Rockfeedback the first Øya showcase of the year took place.

Representatives from the UK music industry were first introduced to the all-girl ska-pop band Razika. Offering songs both in English and Norwegian, Razika has had great success this past year and is still collecting praise for their debut album ‘Program 91’. The band was also recently chosen as one of the festival highlights at SXSW.

The 7 piece band Young Dreams took the stage second, opening with a comment about how happy they were to be on a stage that could actually fit them all. With increasing international recognition, Young Dreams are releasing their debut album later this year on Modular Records.

The following night the two bands were housed by KOKO and the NME club night, this time joined by the Australian band Bleeding Knees Club. This event was visited by 1700 people. Earlier that day, Øya, Music Export Norway and the Norwegian embassy in London invited UK industry, media and other key contacts to attend a networking event.

- Both Razika and Young Dreams performed great shows and the crowd was fantastic. As with several of Music Export Norway's events, the artists had the opportunity to play in front of an audience which usually is hard to reach for new acts. This was our main motivation for these shows, and we are very proud of the facts that Razika and Young Dreams were asked to perform, says Maren Eline Skaskiewicz of Made Management.

Rough Trade release

In collaboration with Rough Trade an exclusive 7" was released, featuring tracks from Razika and Young Dreams. Following last year’s vinyl containing tracks by Lucy Swann and Team Me, this 7” is the second in the series of Øya records. Sold out from the Rough Trade shops before the concerts had taken place, this year’s 7” was restocked on the day of the Lexington show, and was sold both at the concerts and in the shops.

- Both the Øya Festival and Music Export Norway have a really fantastic reputation over in the UK, both within the music industry and outside of it. The success of nights like JA JA JA has shown how you can generate real interest in another territory like Norway in a really grassroots and tastemaker fashion, rather than feeling at all forced. The quality of the bands they bring over is really clear, with Young Dreams and Razika who played the Øya night over here making people really interested as it is. It's such a positive thing that they can come over and associate to a festival people think is really cool, and UK partners who can help push to an additional local editorial base who want to associate to all straight away due to the quality of the bands involved, comments Dan Monsell, Head of Bookings and Events at Rockfeedback Concerts.


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