Wroclaw, Poland

Norwegian acts presented at New Horizons

by Webmaster, 06.09.2011

Several Norwegian acts performed at the New Horizons international film festival in Poland.

Norwegian music was featured at this year's 11. New Horizons International Film as part of the Norway Expanded project.

One of the bands that performed was the famous Jaga Jazzist, who played in the Festival Club. The band is known for connecting classical instruments and electronica. Then, the phenomenal Susanne Sundfør performed her pop-jazz compositions, followed by prominent representative of ambient music - Geir Jenssen, known as Biosphere.

The noisy, rock trio Deathcrush, cult disco artist Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and avant-garde electronics groups Supersilent and Next Life In the Club also performed.

The festival was dominated by the Norwegian cinematography. There was a review of the newest Norwegian cinema complemented by Anja Breien retrospective, children's films and shorts - all part of the Norway Expanded project.

Furthermore, the first book on Norwegian cinema was published and a big Polish-Norwegian co-production forum was held during the Festival.

The partners on the Norway Expanded Programme are Norwegian Film Institute and Music Export Norway.

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