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Norway @ Reeperbahn

by Webmaster, 21.09.2011

Four Norwegian acts will perform showcases at this year's Reeperbahn festvial in Hamburg.

Susanne Sundfør, Honningbarna, Team Me and Polkabjørn & Kleineheine will play at the Reeperbahn Festival 2011. Here is the schedule:

Team Me
Thursday 22. September, 23:45 @ Molotow

Friday 23. September, 20:10 @ Grüner Jäger

Polkabjørn & Kleineheine
Saturday 24. September, 20:30 @ Frau Heidi

Susanne Sundfør
Saturday 24. September, 21:40 @ St. Pauli Kirche


This is what Reeperbahn thinks of the artists:

Team Me

OMG! How adorable are these Norwegians? Bjarne, Uno, Marius, Synne and two called Simen: Team Me introduce themselves on their website with childhood photos and share some anecdotes. For example how Simen (not Simen Schikulsko, the other guy) became fourth in the junior fishing competition in Rendalen or how Synne pushes her lower lip forward everytime she can’t have it her way. Team Me’s music is just like that: adorably sweet with lots of sugar on top! Their super warm melodies and the cuddly sound reminds us a bit of Mumford & Sons – but a lot less earnest! At the moment the six BFFs are sitting in a studio giving their debut album the finishing touch. It should be ready for the Reeperbahn Festival! Otherwise we’ll be in the front row, pushing our lower lips all the way forward!


It’s very likely these six boys from the Fjord-country will be the next big mega hyped thing from Scandinavia. In Norway, Honningbarna are already THE Rock’n’Roll discovery. They have an extremely rocking sound, sing in their mother tongue and know how to beat their drum kit. Don’t worry about the Norwegian lyrics, you don’t have to understand the words, the music will speak for itself. If you’re looking for an alternative to 80s-nostalgia, never-changing Garage Rock and the weekly carousel of Britband wonders: Honningbarna is for you! The atmosphere is euphoric, the band is energetic and their live shows are a must-see! Set the dance-floor on fire with Honningbarna at Reeperbahn Festival 2011!

Polkabjørn & KleineHeine

Truth be told: the Reeperbahn Festival has been very ignorant towards certain musical genres. Gabba-Techno for example or German Schlager. But we’ve listened to your complaints and promise change. We want to change our slogan to: Reeperbahn Festival – new Polka music for the 22nd century! So there!
 You’re probably thinking: WTF!? But that’s ok. You just haven’t listened to Polkabjørn & Kleine Heine, yet. A truly exceptional band. They cover and write their own Crooner music in a wonderful baritone voice and at the same time they yodel like a native of southern Bavaria! Tongue twisting lyrics, unusual fusion of styles - that’s talent, folks! And we’re dead serious here. A-ha and Katzenjammer – two very serious Norwegian bands – were so taken with Polkabjørn & KleineHeine that they booked them for their support. And we wanted them, too. So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the future of post-postmodern Folk-Pop!


Susanne Sundfør

A beautiful, picturesque fishing village on Norway’s coast with the beautiful name “Haugesund”. This is were Susanne Sundfør comes from. Her music can be compared to this remote little place. The talented pianist with the unique voice has created a very rare, almost fragile style of music: She unites Pop with Art – and is very successful! Critics love her, her latest (third) album “Brothel” was the second best sold record in Norway in 2010 and as if that wasn’t enough Susanne Sundfør is showered with awards. She deserves it! Creative piano cadences, sailing vibraphone tones, perfect bass clarinet passages and violins, brilliant use of electronic instruments – and her amazing voice! This music will warm even the toughest fisherman!


(Photo of Honningbarna: Stian Herdal)

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