August, 2012

Networking at Øya international

by Webmaster, 14.08.2012

Another successful and Øya week is over, but contacts and memories remain.

For several years Music Export Norway and Øyafestivalen have invited national and international music industry professionals and media to join the Øya International program to meet and connect.

As previous years, this year’s program included four days of networking events such as speed meetings, a fjord cruise and a secret showcase, this years with Susanna at the Huk seaside restaurant. A group of 214 industry people participated in Øya International 2012.

Speed meetings and fjord cruise

Øya International kicked off with speed meetings where participants had a total of 10 meetings each. The meetings were based on a wish list gathered together from the Norwegian industry professionals. During the festival, Øya International also had a designated area where the delegates could meet up and continue networking for a few hours in the afternoon each day at the festival area.

The next morning the guests were invited on a fjord cruise to Bleikøya. Under the warmth of the sunshine delegates got to know each other better in a more informal setting. The program included games, swimming and barbecuing. At the same time, an insider’s guide to the Spanish music market was held for delegates who had previously subscribed to the event.

Surprise showcase

On Friday, Øya and Music Export Norway arranged a magical surprise concert with pop and jazz artist Susanna. By the calm sea and under the moonlight with a couple of shooting stars, the atmosphere could not have been any better.

Journalists from all over the world joined the Øya International program this year. Here is a selection of stories from the international press so far (more to follow):

"Now in its 14th year, Øya has had a front row seat to the changing nature of Oslo. The fest is a chilled-out oasis smack in the middle of an accelerating urban landscape."

- Pitchfork (read full story)


"I don’t want to build up the experience too much, but I’m 98% sure Norway may be the musical promise land."

- Under the Radar (read full story)

For more photos from this year's Øya International, see our Flickr page:


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