Stargate Master Class in New York

Master Class participants ready

by Webmaster, 19.03.2011

36 participants from the Norwegian music industry have been invited to attend the master class with Stargate in New York.

In May, Music Export Norway presents a unique master class with Norwegian production duo Stargate. Stargate, who have had sensational international success with artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Ne-Yo, will put together a varied program that will provide participants with insight into the different components that make up an international career in the music industry, as well as provide tips and advice that is going to make Norwegian companies more prepared to enter one of the world's toughest and most competitive industries.

Stargate will base parts of the program on their own experience and parts on contributions from their partners and contacts at the top level of the U.S. music industry. Among these partners are Rihanna manager Jay Brown, Guy Moot, president of EMI Publishing Europe, Stargate management Tim Blacksmith and Danny D and Antonio "LA" Reid, Def Jam president. The event is supported by the Consulate General New York, New York University/Tish School of the Arts/Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music.

We received more than 360 applications for this event, so the competition has been extremely tough. The following people have been invited to the event:

- Alexandra Joner (artist)
- Anine Stang (artist/songwriter)
- Christian Wallis (Sony Music / Day 1 Entertainment)
- Christina Louise Skaar Jannang (artist/songwriter)
- Erlend Gjerde (label/artist)
- Eivan Bjornstad (producer)
- Fredrik Eeg (songwriter/producer)
- Jon Åslund (songwriter/producer)
- Hanne Sørvaag (artist/songwriter)
- Harald Apall Austad, aka. Scheme (producer/songwriter)
- Jens Wendelboe (composer, conductor, orchestrator, musician)
- Kim-Thomas Lyngås Nordbæk (booking/management, Unit AS)
- Tore Magnus Pettersson (singer/songwriter, MidiMusic)
- Morten Andreassen (manager, bookingagent, Unit AS)
- Peder Losnegård (artist)
- Therese Karlsson (Sony Music, Day 1 Entertainment)
- Yngve Næss (A&R, Universal Music)
- Øyvind Taraldsen (project manager live events, Sony Music)
- Trond Hillestad (writer/producer)
- Terje Pedersen (Warner Music)
- Samsaya Sharma (artist/songwriter)
- Charite Viken Reinås (artist/songwriter)
- Ane Hagness Kiran (Propeller Recordings)
- Simen Eriksrud (producer/songwriter)
- Marius Njølstad (producer/songwriter)
- Daniel Mikael Wold (producer/songwriter)
- Erik Braund (manager, Nordic Hus)
- Erik Faber (artist/songwriter)
- Omer Bhatti (artist/songwriter)
- Simon Füllemann (artist/Indie Recordings)
- Kate Havnevik (artist/songwriter)
- Ola Haampland (Waterfall)
- Arvid Wam Solvang (producer/songwriter)
- Edvard Erfjord (producer/songwriter)
- Henrik Michelsen (producer/songwriter)
- Silje Hope (head of promo, local/Universal Music)
- Alexander "Rykkinfella" Austheim (producer/songwriter)
- Lars Horntveth (artist/producer/composer)

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