Örebro, 6-8 September

Live at Heart is expanding

by Webmaster, 23.08.2012

300 concerts, seminars and movies in 23 venues. Sweden’s Live at Heart, takes place in Örebro, 6.-8. September.

Live at Heart is a city festival, and currently acts as the biggest showcase arena in Northern Europe, according to the Festival. The festival offers a broad range of genres, from pop to punk rock, and all the way to folk and jazz.

In addition to music, the festival has a program of workshops and films. Delegates include the founder of the South by Southwest festival in Texas, Louis Jay Meyers, who will be attending a workshop to share his knowledge and experience. The full festival program will shortly be published on the festival’s website

Several Norwegian acts will showcase at the festival. Among these are Paal Flaata, Hege Brynildsen, Grand Café and Halden Electric.

A three day festival pass giving the entry to the entire Live at Heart –experience costs 395 SEK plus service fee. Passes can be purchased from: Ticnet, NajzPrajz and Örebrokompaniet. One day tickets are sold at the festival office during the festival, unless the festival is sold out.

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