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by Webmaster, 09.02.2012

Enter piano and voice competitions at Montreux Jazz Festival in june.

Jazz pianists and vocalists now have the chance to enter competitions at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Since it began thirteen years ago, the Montreux Jazz Competitions have stablished a reputation as a launching pad for many brilliant careers and an unforgettable experience that enables young musicians of the same age to meet, exchange thoughts and strike up friendships.

In 2011, around 100 talented jazz pianists and singers from around the world entered the competition but only 20 were selected to come to Montreux. The audience in the Montreux Palace Hotel's Petit Théâtre had the pleasure of listening to how these young artists feel jazz in different ways, as a reminder that music has no frontiers.

The application deadline this year is March 1st. For more information see attached poster and the festival's homepage.

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