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Inferno Switzerland welcomes Indie Recordings

by Webmaster, 06.01.2012

Indie Recordings has been chosen for Inferno Metal Festival Switzerland's Label Focus Program.

INFERNO Metal Festival Switzerland 2012 welcomes Indie Recordnings from Norway.  The festival is very proud to start its Label Focus Program (every year the festival will focus on 1 great label) with Indie Recordnings. Thanks to this collaboration,  Indie Recordnings & Inferno Metal Festival Switzerland will present 3 great Norwegian bands on Saturday 10 March in Lausanne:


The Indie label focus program is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Bern and Music Export Norway.

About Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings is a Norwegian record label focusing on hard rock and metal that started out in 2005. Indie Recordings started off as a small side project to Indie Distribution, as they felt the urge to work closer with bands than what they could do as a distributor only. Indie Recordings has grown from releasing relatively unknown acts to signing and developing bands like Kvelertak, Satyricon, Enslaved, Keep Of Kalessin, Audrey Horne, Shining, Djerv and more.


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