a-ha receives prestigious...

The three members of pop group a-ha are awarded The Royal Order of St. Olav.



Here you will find information related to industry events in Norway, like by:Larm, Øya, Inferno and Kongsberg Jazz festival.



a-ha receives prestigious award

06.09.2012 The Royal Order of St. Olav

Networking at Øya international

14.08.2012 August, 2012

Connecting in Kongsberg: Silver City Sounds

18.07.2012 Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Annual Report

30.07.2012 Music Export Norway

Get ready for Silver City Sounds

11.06.2012 Kongsberg, July 4-7

Infernal Easter

18.04.2012 Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo

Summing up by:larm 2012

21.03.2012 By:Larm 2012

Synch Focus, Part two

19.12.2011 By:Larm, February 16-18

Export program goes to Bernhoft

02.12.2011 MEN's Export Program

Montée and Ane Brun final nominees

01.12.2011 Nordic Music Prize:

Doing It Norway

06.09.2011 All About Jazz, MEN & Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Øya International 2011

26.08.2011 Øya + MEN

Great atmosphere at Silver City Sounds

05.08.2011 Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Song:Expo songwriting camp

17.08.2011 Song:Expo Trondheim

Silver City Sounds approaching

20.06.2011 Kongsberg Jazz Festival, July 6-7

IMC is growing

10.05.2011 Inferno Metal Festival 2011

Propeller receives Export Program

21.02.2011 MEN's Export Program

Sync focus at by:Larm

10.02.2011 Oslo, February 17-19

Ten years of Metal Easter

27.05.2010 Inferno Festival 2010

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