How do I prepare for an industry festival or event?

by Webmaster, 02.02.2010

Our experience shows that it is extremely important to your homework before going to an industry event, whether you are an artist or an industry professional. It has happened quite often that artists have played in empty venues due to the extreme competition at events like SXSW or CMJ.

If you are an artist

So, if you are playing a showcase gig, make sure you market it properly and invite relevant international people to the concert. The competition at industry festivals is often unbelieveable, so it is very difficult to be discovered without proper marketing/buzz.

You should also consider the timing before accepting a showcase gig. Are you ready for it? Do you have a proper set-up with regards to management, booking, publishing, etc?

If you are an industry professional

If you are an industry professional going to Midem, Popkomm or other trade fairs/conferences, you should definitely check out the delegate database and try to book meetings in advance. If you just show up at the stand, hoping for somebody to drop by, you will probably be spending most of the event alone.

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