Inverness, June 6-7

Honningbarna to play goNORTH

by Webmaster, 03.05.2012

Honningbarna will represent Norway at this year's goNORTH in Inverness.

On June 6th and 7th 2012 the creative industries festival goNORTH in Inverness, Scotland, introduces new talent to the music industry. Organized since 2008, goNORTH has in the recent years expanded to holding showcases with artists from the USA, Russia, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan and of course Norway, in addition to the UK musicians.

This year rock band Honningbarna will be representing Norway. They play at the venue Madhatters on Wednesday 6th June at 11 PM. Honningbarna will also be featured on the goNORTH Music Week CD, which is released to the industry on the cover of Music Week before the conference.

goNORTH also covers subjects from screen and broadcast to designer fashion and publishing.

Read more here: www.gonorth.biz

(Photo: Anders Grønneberg)

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