Jonas Vebner moves

From London to Berlin

by Webmaster, 08.03.2012

Jonas Vebner takes over the management of Music Export Norway's GSA-office in Berlin 1 September.

Music Export Norway's Berlin office was set up in 2010 with the purpose of positioning the person responsible for MEN's work in the German-speaking area (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) in a more central location.

Jonas Vebner will be taking over the responsibility of running the Berlin office from Siri Narverud Moen on 1st September this year. Vebner has been MEN's representative in the UK since 2008, gaining invaluable experience which he will bring to bear in Berlin. He has been working in a 20% capacity with the Berlin office since the spring of 2011 and already has a firm grasp on how MEN can transfer and employ their experiences and expertise to the GSA market.

"It has been a privilege to open MEN's first office abroad, and I can look back on four fantastic, exciting and enterprising years in the UK. It has been incredibly inspiring to work with so many talented Norwegian and British colleagues along the way. It will be very important to me to keep the close connection with the industry, and I am looking forward to working towards the German-speaking market with the same energy and enthusiasm as when I started here in London" said Vebner.

The transfer of Vebner means that the position of head of Music Export Norway's London office will be advertised shortly. Vebner will work closely with the UK office to facilitate the smoothest possible transition.

"We have had an immense amount of good feedback on the work Jonas has done in London, and we are therefore very happy that he now can extend the experiences he has gained during these four years" said Inger Dirdal, Managing Director of Music Export Norway.

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