Bergenfest + Summer Sundae Weekender

Festival Twinning @ Camden Crawl

by Webmaster, 15.04.2011

The Summer Sundae Weekender is this year hosting a stage at the Gaymers Camden Crawl with their twin festival Bergenfest.

Sunday 30th of April - 1st of May at the Roundhouse, the Summer Sundae Weekender is this year hosting a stage at the Gaymers Camden Crawl festival with their ‘twin festival’ Bergenfest. This, as part of the cultural exchange programme organized by the Association of Independent Festivals, where two like-minded festivals are paired.  Amongst this years line-up at the Roundhouse you’ll find up and coming Norwegian band Young Dreams. Young Dreams are playing Bergenfest only a couple of days earlier, and will appear at the Roundhouse as a direct result of the two ‘twinning’ festivals.

Frank Nes (Bergenfest) is positive to the twinning:

- Artists from Bergen have always been inspired by and looked at London rather than our capital city Oslo in order to make their name known to the world, Kings of Convenience and Bergen-based Röyksopp being two of the most prominent names in that respect. For our festival Bergenfest to be involved with our twin Summer Sundae to present Young Dreams at this years Camden Crawl is a timely reminder of all the talent coming out of Bergen's musical community.

City-based festivals

Summer Sundae and Bergenfest are both city-based festivals known for showcasing new international talent amongst established names. This year Summer Sundae is present at Bergenfest with their own stage, showing off several British acts. Rob Challice (Summer Sundae), has long been fascinated by music arising from this area:

- Since visiting the west coast of Norway in ‘90s I’ve been fascinated by music from the area. Kings of Convenience, Sondre Lerche and now Young Dreams. It’s not necessarily a defining sound, but there is a “feel” to it. One that is born from looking west out to sea whilst being surrounded by the most incredible landscape imaginable, says Challice.

Good experiences

At the Camden Crawl the two festivals are showcasing some of the most exciting bands from their line-ups this year. The twinning concept shown by Summer Sundae and Bergenfest could be an important platform for Norwegian bands to show themselves at British festivals, and Lisa Paulon (Camden Crawl) has had good experiences with Norwegian bands at the festival so far:

- The Camden Crawl prides itself in bringing the best cutting edge artists not only from the UK, but rest of the world to London each Spring for our annual new music marathon. In previous years we have been lucky to host such fantastic Norwegian talents as Datarock, Ida Maria and Casiokids and, in 2011, we are looking forward to two amazing performances from one of our new favourites Young Dreams. We hope that these shows prove to be a successful launching pad for the band in the UK.

P.S. The video for their first single named ‘Young Dreams’ has received quite a bit of attention after its release, and reports say it has been played more then 75 000 times over the first couple of weeks. It was also featured on Sterogum’s 10 Best Videos of the Week.

Watch it here.


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