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by Webmaster, 19.12.2011

Music Export Norway's BDP in Berlin was positively received both by paticipants from the Norwegian and German music industry.

After a three and a half day seminar in the German culture metropolis Berlin, an exhausted but well-informed delegation of Norwegian music companies turned their faces back north. The BDP seminar subjects included everything from the GEMA-Youtube negotiations, to the future of streaming in Germany – and how A&R works and what they seek at Universal Germany. And the ties between the Norwegian and German music industry were even closer connected.

The platform for the closer bilateral music business friendships, and perhaps the highlight of the seminar, was MEET Norway, a b2b matchmaking event to which German music industry were invited to meet the Norwegian industry face to face, throughout the Tuesday afternoon of the BDP. This was concluded with a delightful networking dinner hosted by the Norwegian ambassador in Germany.

The organizer of the B2b event, international matchmaker Rosita Kuerbis is by all means happy with the results, and received several positive feedbacks from the German guests:

- This was definitely a win-win-event! Although there was no conference or fair connected to the matchmaking, some of the German participants came to Berlin from Hamburg or Bremen for one afternoon only to meet the Norwegians! All of the German companies welcomed this event as a perfect way to meet potential business partners in Norway and most of them were positive that they will stay in contact with one or more of the Norwegian hosts. There is no better way to start business, she comments.

The Berlin-based booking agency Vagabond Village were among the German companies invited to the B2B event. CEO Ingo Bruns comments:

- We are thankful for the invitation to the matchmaking session of the BDP and your great hospitality. The communication beforehand was completely uncomplicated and pleasant, the organisation of the event very professional, and the format optimal.

The Norwegian participants were also satisfied with the arrangements of the seminar and the matchmaking. Louis Holbrook of Lashout Agency comments:

- MEN compiled a seminar that covered most of the relevant factors for entering the German music market. It's given me inspiration and some basic pointers on where to start. The matchmaking section was especially fruitful, even yielding a partnership for one of the artists I represent.

Music Export Norway is excited to follow the future collaborations that saw their first steps during the BDP, and how technologies such as streaming platforms will find their way into the German music market in 2012.

More feedback from the participants to come!

(Photos: Thomas Olsen, Berlinkontoret)

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