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Doing It Norway

by Webmaster, 06.09.2011

Watch out for a new collaboration between Music Export Norway, All About Jazz and Kongsberg Jazz festival.

All About Jazz, Music Export Norway and Kongsberg Jazz Festival are pleased to announce the new collaboration All About Jazz Presents: Doing it Norway. AllAboutJazz.com Managing Editor John Kelman, whose specific interest in Norway's rich and varied music scene has expanded with increasing festival coverage over the past six years, has been asked to curate a series of concerts that will shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting and creative Norwegian artists currently on offer.

- As one of the world's most influential and comprehensive jazz sources, we thought it an interesting question to ask All About Jazz's take on today's most interesting Norwegian jazz, says Kongsberg Jazz Festival Manager Pål Fidjestøl.

- There is a general opinion—at least in Scandinavia—that Norwegian jazz has been in a golden age for the past decade or so, and this collaboration also poses the question: is Norwegian jazz as interesting as we'd like to think? And if so, can it last much longer...?

- We are very happy to collaborate on this project, says Music Export Norway Project Manager Øyvind Skjerven Larsen.

- For Music Export Norway, it is a unique combination of three greats: exposing the finest of Norwegian jazz through the best jazz site in the world; targeting Norwegian jazz for the international export program, Silver City Sounds; and last, but not least, presenting a superb lineup of Norwegian musicians, at the best festival Norway has to offer.

- It's an honor and absolute thrill to be asked, after spending more and more time in Norway over the past few years, to put together a program like this. The challenge, of course, is to come up with a lineup that combines known entities with new and previously unheard collaborations, and while there's no way we can possibly represent the complete breadth and depth of the Norwegian scene and its disproportionate number of innovative artists in one program, I do believe that Doing it Norway will provide an exciting representational cross-section...and a few surprises, even for those intimately familiar with the Norwegian scene, Kelman says.

All About Jazz Presents: Doing It Norway will take place during the 2012 Kongsberg Jazz Festival, July 4-7, 2012, with the complete program to be announced next spring.

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