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Dødpop is alive

by Webmaster, 05.04.2011

Dødpop have received good response following their special shows in Brighton and Aberdeen.

Founded in Oslo in 2008, Dødpop (meaning Dead pop) was the first Norwegian label to specialize In Skweee and has since become a premier label for the emerging genre. Fall 2010 marked the release of Dødpop Vol. 2, the second compilation of exclusive Norwegian Skweee tracks.

Resident Advisor, the leading online electronic music publication, describes the label as follows when reviewing the new album As & Bs.

"Norwegian Dødpop makes a case for itself as the premiere skweee imprint with its first retrospective compilation. As & Bs is composed entirely of singles (hence the name) and spans nearly three years. It paints a favourable picture of a label with its own odd little take on skweee, heavier and more physical than some of their counterparts.”

In March, the UK audience experienced Skwee through special shows in Brighton and Aberdeen.

- Skweee mixes Prince-esque funkiness with catchy harmonies, 90s boom bap and futuristic analogue zaps - a perfect blend for aficionados of the funkier side of UK bass music such as Rustie and Joker, and new wave boogie acts like Dam Funk and Krystal Klear, explains Alexander Horne, journalist at Resident Advisor and the man behind this particular event.

The Line-up consisted of Dødpop acts Beatbully, Melkeveien and Sprutbass, as well as Slugabed, Thunderloops and Boss Kite.

You can check out photos from the Brighton show over at


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