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Connecting in Kongsberg: Silver City Sounds

by Webmaster, 18.07.2012

The Silver City Sounds program of 2012 gathered 40 delegates from both Norway and all over the world to connect in Kongsberg.

The delegate program is a joint collaboration of the Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Music Export Norway. This year also online jazz website contributed to both the festival and delegate program.

Kongsberg Jazz Festival was arranged 4.-7. July for the 48th time. Artists of this year’s festival included Atomic, The Thing, Joe McPhee and Evan Parker duo, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Vijay Iyer Trio, Arve Henriksen, Gypsy Mind, Black Motor, Led Bib, Je Suis!, Machine Birds, Lizz Wright with Raul Midón, and many more. In addition to the traditional and improvisational jazz the festival line-up included more mainstream acts such as Datarock, Timbuktu, The Ex with guests, and The Flaming Lips.

As a part of the Kongsberg Jazzfestival, AllAboutJazz held a program curated by John Kelman. Artists performing in the AllAboutJazz program included Stian Westerhus with Sidsel Endresen, Eivind Aarset with Thomas Strønen, Elephant9 with Reine Fiske, Jon Balke Magnetic Book and Eple Trio with Karl Seglem to name a few.

Presentations and interviews

The Silver City Sounds –delegate program was arranged for the fifth time this year. Delegates had the opportunity to listen to Fiona Talkington interview Stian Westerhus about his career path. Also, Michael Ricci held a presentation on the website and their new project Jazz Near You, a jazz website providing local listings. The website will be launched later this year.

The winner of the DnB prize 2012 is jazz musician Ola Kvernberg. The prize has been given to established young jazz musicians since 1996. Silver City Sounds is supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Feedback from some of the participants:

Loads of good music, good food&drink and particularly, good company. The whole event had a nice atmosphere – the town, the venues, the guest area, the Storås hotel… It’s four days I will remember with special affection, for a long time. It was all well organised but with a light, relaxed touch that was never fussy or intrusive – quite the opposite, it was very warm, easy-going and welcoming. And such a great bunch of delegates! Musically, so many high points. From a music business perspective, and Norwegian music in particular, it was a very useful four days. There are certainly several distribution opportunities for us that might result from me being there, as well as a whole batch of future contacts.” – Bill Trythall, Discovery Records

I really enjoyed the great music (and there were tons of it), the efficient organization, the involvement and the support of the Kongsberg community in the festival and the friendliness of everyone involved in this amazing festival. As one of the contributing writers for All About Jazz I am used to cover discs and even interview artists that live or operate few thousand kilometers from my home. But, still there is nothing as the immediate experience of their art and the ability to talk to them and learn more about their creative paths. I had reviewed before many discs of Stian Westerhus, Jørgensen, The Thing, Atomic, Terje Isungset and others, but I feel now that I gained more insights and knowledge that enhance my ability to review this artists.” – Eyal Hareuveni, AllAboutJazz

It was a very enjoyable and useful visit for me. I got to know the Norwegian music scene better, heard a lot of good music and met some new interesting people. The fact that we stayed in that far away hotel really helped to feel part of the group and to talk to all the participants: if we would have stayed in Kongsberg we might not even have known who everybody was.” – Danielle Oosterop, Danielle Oosterop Music Management

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