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Compliments for Honningbarna

by Webmaster, 18.06.2012

Norwegian rock band Honningbarna played a showcase at this year’s goNORTH.

Honningbarna received delightful comments and compliments from their audience at creative industries festival goNORTH. Associate director of booking at Summerfest Milwaukee, Doug Johnson, commented:

- The moment I heard the crunching guitars, cello, sing along anthems, and a bombastic rhythm section, packaged in a glorious frenzy, I was hooked! Tight, quick and maniacal. Bands such as Honningbarna do not come along often. I have seen the Future of Rock – it is Honningbarna.

Matthias Böttcher from Rough Trade Germany made it clear he didn’t leave goNORTH empty-handed:

- Honningbarna alone was worth the trip from Germany to Scotland.

Sparked interest

According to manager of Honningbarna, Louis Holbrook, the first half of 2011 sparked a lot of interest outside of Norway for the band.

- It’s very important for us that the individuals in the business who are passionate about and “own” the discovery of the band are able to promote them also in their home arenas. Showcase festivals like goNORTH, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn and Iceland Airwaves – all of which the band have played in the last year (and more) – constitute imperative resources in this respect, Holbrook says.

The Kristiansand –based rockers now have a solid setup in Denmark, Sweden, UK, GSA and Benelux –territories. Well in time to build a proper strategy for releasing their second album next spring. During the next months, Honningbarna will strongly focus on the UK and Ireland with the hope of also increasing and spreading the buzz into other markets.

(Photo: Jannica Honey/GoNorth)

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