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by Webmaster, 28.05.2010

The UK office coordinates export efforts of the Norwegian music industry and strengthens access to Great Britain, one of our priority markets. Below you can read more about the office.

Why a UK Office?

Traditionally, it has been challenging for Norwegian music exporters to gain a foothold in the British market. The barriers are many. The British music market is a fragmented one, showing signs of strong competition between many specialized parties. A continuous change of employees, high-speed start-ups, bankruptcies and mergers make the market difficult to follow.
Several of these challenges have made many Norwegian industry professionals feel they don’t have the necessary resources, contacts or specialized knowledge to enter the British market. Music Export Norway perceives this as unfortunate, as Great Britain has a unique position in the international music business:

    - The British media is a global trendsetter, from its music media to lifestyle magazines. Attention in British media provides an important base for further international work.

    - The live market in Europe is, to a large extent, dominated by British parties. Agents have a large influence and all the largest European booking companies have their headquarters in London. The promoters sit on the owner side of several European festivals and festival networks. It is relatively easy to tour in the UK, as the infrastructure is good and the distance between the largest cities short.

    - The UK physical record market is still the third-largest in the world (according to the RIN-08 report) and the digital market is the largest in Europe (54% ref Nielsen SoundScan). The UK has Europe’s most advanced mobile music market with a high penetration of music phones. 

    - High concentration of music business. Great Britain is the base for many of the European head offices of the international music companies and 90% of the country’s music business is located in London.

    - A bridge to other territories. Great Britain’s heavy influence on the global music business means that British success and/or media attention usually opens doors to other territories. 

    - UK has the largest creative sector in the EU. Two million people are employed in creative jobs, and the creative and cultural industries account for over 7% (£60 billion) of the economy, comparable in size to the financial services industry and generating twice as much value added as tourism. There are 5 million active musicians in the UK, a quarter of million play in bands, and there are over 4500 live gigs every evening.

Current thinking in the U.K. is aimed at bringing the creative industries from the margins to the heart of the economy, and the British DCMS (Department for Culture, Media & Sport) has recently launched a wealth of initiatives and funding processes to achieve this goal. UK is, in other words, a place where the agenda is set.

What does the UK office do?

The UK office is a tool for Norwegian export-oriented business. It will be as strong as the industry itself wants and is dependent on continual feedback from professionals working towards Great Britain. As the office is relatively new and the industry has entered an extensive readjustment period, the strategies will adapt to the surroundings, but the main tasks will include: 
    - Coordinating export advances (showcase productions, networking and competence events,  marketing campaigns, presentations, etc.) in the UK and adjacent markets. 

    - Facilitating organization for Norwegian industry professionals wanting to work towards the UK through different means/tools, such as hot desking, backline deals, a resource database, promo support, etc.  

    - Working as a contact point and mediator between Norwegian and British industry and building the crucial network of industry relationships that are the lifeblood of the UK market by retaining close contact with the industry/media on a daily basis. 

    - Acting as a service and competence centre for the Norwegian export-geared music industry. Also by providing consulting services on potential collaborators and service providers for members of the Norwegian industry that wish to work towards the UK.  

    - Continual industry information gathering, including key arenas, individual professionals and companies, the macro environment, potential strategic partners, trends and other possibilities. Accumulating networks and experiences through a close dialogue with active Norwegian industry professionals. 

    - Coordinating/consulting the invitation process of business/media at international networking programs such as by:Larm, Øya International, Silver City Sounds (Kongsberg Jazz Festival), Folkelarm, etc.

    - The founder and project manager of the monthly Nordic Showcase Night Ja Ja Ja.  

    - Consultancy and advisory services to Innovation Norway and embassies/consulates regarding UK music-related activities of the Norwegian industry. 

    - Building trade competence in the area of music export to the UK and related markets via course activity in Norway (under the direction of MEN, Music Information Center, BRAK and others).


The office was opened May 1, 2008, and is run by Jonas Vebner. Note new address:

22 Upper Grosvenor Street
London W1K 7PE

The office has hot-desking possibilities for visiting Norwegian industry. We offer a free working place with access to phone, internet, scanner/ printer and a mail room with discounted delivery services. Notify us at to reserve a spot.

We also have hotel discounts in London. Read about this here.


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The UK office is member of AIM (Association of Independent Music), MMF (Music Managers Forum), MusicTank and NBCC.

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