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by Webmaster, 04.07.2011

Music Export Norway’s Berlin Office is the connection point between the Norwegian music industry and the German speaking music industry territories – Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA). The office provides info and knowledge about the music market in these countries and functions as a competence and service centre for the Norwegian music industry in GSA.

Why a Berlin office?

With the UK office becomming a useful tool for the Norwegian music industry abroad, the need of a German office was called for at a Business Development Seminar in London, hosted by the UK office in the springtime 2010. The German music market is one of the largest worldwide, and has proven to be an even as important territory for the Norwegian music industry as the UK market:

- Germany is one of the most important markets in the world for live as well recorded music. IFPI numbers from 2010 show Germany ranked on 3d place worldwide in recorded music sales.

- Both the country and its capital means a lot for the international music market: Over the last 5-10 years Berlin has developed from being an empty, poor, post-cold war city in the 90’s, to be a flourishing melting pot for music and culture, not only for Germans but also for new inhabitants from across the whole European continent.

- Over the last years several larger music companies (e.g. Universal) have moved here from other German cities, or they have opened a new department in Berlin.

- Also international music technology companies like SoundCloud, Beatport and Native Instruments are based in Berlin. It is important to be present where business partners and cultural consumers are seeking to in Germany, both for domestic and international music industries.

- Other big cities like Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt are also still important with regards to big live markets, festivals and demand from an engaged audience with an extensive interest in music. The cities are also the base of other larger music companies.

- Germany consists of 81 million citizens spread across 16 “Bundesländer” – federal states. It is a politically, culturally and geographically outspread and varying music market in the federal system of Germany. A lot of involved companies, people, festivals and scenes combined with variated politics, culture and tradition in the different “Bundesländer” makes the solutions variable, but the demand for good music continious.

The last few years, more and more Norwegian music industry players have turned their interest towards Germany and its music market. There can be several reasons for this:

- Germany is a wealthy country, measured in nominal GDP the fourth richest country in the world, and the second largest on export and third largest on import of goods.

- There are strong ties between the two countries business wise, historically, politically and culturally: Norway sells Germany 1/3 of Germanys total gas consumption, Deutsch-Norwegische Handelskammer, Willy Brandt and the Willy-Brandt Stiftung, Deutsch-Norwegische Jugendforum etc.

- From a Norwegian perspective, both travelling and living in Germany is considered very cheap, a lucrative argument for creative people situated in the cultural scenes in cities such as Berlin and Hamburg.

- The close connection to Austria and Switzerland, and the country’s placement on the European continent.

German society shows great interest in Norway. Not only in terms of tourism, but also culture, art and music. This addresses the need to be accessible and informative also towards the German industry regarding the Norwegian music market.

Norway is yet an important, but small country compared to Germany, this also goes for the music industry. By having an export office in Berlin we will be focusing on educating the Norwegian industry players, and also strengthen the business possibilities between the Norwegian and German music industry.

What do we do?

As of 2011 the office is still new and developing its efforts on behalf of the Norwegian industry in Germany. Therefore there is a focus on collecting info to increase our knowledge, mainly on the German market, and additionally Austria and Switzerland.

- The office works closely with the UK Office to transfer experiences, know-how and tools to make the process of setting up a Berlin office run quick and efficient.

- Working on projects and collecting information increasing our knowledge on the German market

- Work as a service- and competence centre abroad for the Norwegian industry.

- In Berlin, as in London, the MEN office is in close contact with the Norwegian Embassy, to consult, exchange information and work together supporting Norwegian musical presence in Germany.

- Setting up practical tools as support for the Norwegian music industry such as backline and hotel deals and promo support. Read about our backline deal here and our hotel deal here.

- Maintaining our network in Germany with the industry, including participating at industry happenings, festivals, meetings and so on.

- Researching business possibilities for the Norwegian music industry in Germany


The Office is run by Head of Office Jonas Vebner.


Pfuelstraße 5 (Aufgang V – Dachgeschoß)
D-10997 Berlin

Useful links:

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Contact the office: gsa (at)


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